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By partnering with industry-leader Flywheel Hosting, I am able to offer substantial savings to clients on ultra-fast, managed WordPress website hosting through my own bulk hosting plan. Lerdahl Web Design clients get significant savings with the Hosting Plan, and even less to worry about with the Hosting + Site Care Plan.

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Ditch the tech stress! Hand it over!

Ditch the tech stress!

Get Peace of Mind with Flywheel Hosting

Which plan is right for you?

Lerdahl Web Design clients get significant savings with the Hosting Plan, in effect getting bargain rates for premium hosting that’s optimized specifically for WordPress websites. 

Ditch the Tech Stress Altogether With a Site Care Plan — For true peace of mind, opt for the Hosting + Site Care Plan, which puts two support crews at your service: a team of technical experts at Flywheel + your very own “bilingual” designer/site manager who speaks both Nerd and Regular Human, taking care of technical updates, backups, and security—plus giving you 60-minutes of task support each month, and there to help facilitate when things get super nerdy. Two companies, working together on your site’s behalf!

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