A Little Bit About Me

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A Little Bit
About Me

Sue Lerdahl of Lerdahl Web Design

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The Hallmarks of Every Project

Whether you choose custom design or choose to start with a template, here are the standards and best practices behind every project.

Content Strategy

What are your objectives for the website? What are your users' needs? With goals and priorities mapped out, we'll look at how to combine content and website functionality to draw your visitors in. Making it easy to find what matters to users and enticing them to take a desired action will be among our top priorities.

Easy Navigation

Today's web users won't stick around for more than a few seconds if they feel lost on your website; they'll simply move on. Through intelligent site architecture and navigational planning, we'll make it super easy for your visitors to find what they came for, stick around and explore, and engage with your calls to action.

User-friendly tools

Your site comes equipped with a "dream team" of powerful, user-friendly tools that you can learn, manage, and grow with. All sites are built on the world's #1 website building platform, WordPress; designed with the easy-editing, #1 page builder, Elementor; and set up using best practices with the # 1 SEO plugin, Yoast.

Responsive Design

Mobile devices now account for more than half of all web traffic. LWD employs responsive design practices, so your site looks amazing on all devices—mobile, tablet, and desktop. I also install an accessibility widget to improve the browsing experience for users with visual, hearing, and mobility impairments.

Your Aesthetic

Your website will express your brand and speak to your target audience through strategic choices in color scheme, fonts, motion effects, and other design elements. Will your visitors be drawn in by a sleek-and-modern aesthetic, a fun-and-creative vibe, or more of a trustworthy-and-experienced look and feel?

SEO Best Practices

All my sites come with the #1 SEO plugin, Yoast, installed and configured. With custom designs, elements such as focus keyphrases, meta descriptions, and image alt tags are set for each page or post, helping search engines understand your content. The plugin also gives feedback on how to improve your content from an SEO standpoint.

Personal Connection

I believe in getting to know you and your business, understanding where you want to go with it all, and supporting your growth. If you're at all technophobic, don't worry, we'll tailor this whole process to your personal tech quotient and leave you feeling excited about all you can do with your powerful new website.

Basic Training

If we are handing over the keys to your website to you for ongoing maintenance, you'll have the option to add a training session to get you familiar with the back end of your site. But first I'll help you figure out what approach to long-term website management makes the most sense for you—either DIY or a LWD monthly site care plan.

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