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Let’s secure some quality real estate for your site! By partnering with industry-leader Flywheel Hosting, I am able to offer substantial savings on managed WordPress hosting to clients through my own bulk hosting plan.




  1. You want to manage your own website content and take care of the technical tasks.
  2. You know your way around the back end of a WordPress website OR are willing/able to invest your time to learn.
  3. Your schedule allows time to manage the more complex or urgent matters when they arise, such as page-loading or security issues, OR you are willing to pay hourly rates to have Lerdahl Web Design troubleshoot and/or perform maintenance on your site. 
  4. You like knowing you will always have an expert who’s there for you in a pinch, and you’re willing to pay hourly rates for any technical/troubleshooting or design work on your site.




  1. You’re don’t want to manage your own website content and/or handle the technical stuff OR you don’t have time to learn; or: 
  2. You want to manage some of your website content, but definitely want to pass off the technical and/or time-consuming stuff.
  3. Taking it on yourself seems unwise when you factor your particular variables (income, time, technical ability) and do the math.
  4. You’d like to have two companies at your service: a team of technical experts at Flywheel + your very own “bilingual” designer/site manager who speaks both Nerd and Regular Human, taking care of technical updates, backups, and security—plus giving you 60-minutes of task support each month, and there to help facilitate when things get super nerdy. 
  5. Being able to have it all taken care of for you seems heavenly. 

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