The Therapist Website

Because therapists need support, too

Hello, Therapists!

Kudos to you for all you are doing to help the world right now. This offer is my thank you, and my own way of trying to help.

First, a few things I’ve noticed about therapists and websites …

So many therapists want to get their practice online but are understandably:

  • deterred by the hefty up-front lump-sum investment typically required for a professional website.
  • too busy or overwhelmed by the task of organizing content and figuring out what on earth to write.
  • frustrated after a disappointing experience with a slickly advertised DIY website builder or a website they can’t edit.
Clearly, it’s time to rethink things.

What I’ve come to … is that there’s a much smarter way to approach all of this that removes these common obstacles. Specifically, an approach to getting your business online that:

  1. leapfrogs the costly website model entirely.
  2. gets you up and running fast with a beautiful, professional, mobile-responsive site.
  3. gives you dedicated ongoing website support and partnership at a totally manageable monthly rate.

Here's the Deal.

I have custom-designed a website framework specifically for therapists—with all the pages to help potential clients learn about you, your services, and how to get started (think Teletherapy page and Appointment Request features). All we need is your content, and a get-to-know-you session so I can turn around and propose a beautiful scheme of colors, fonts, and images that looks and feels like YOU.

Introducing ...

The Therapist Website

Website, Hosting & Total Care Package
$ 59
  • 1 WORDPRESS WEBSITE BUILT ON "THE THERAPIST" WEBSITE FRAMEWORK created by Lerdahl Web Design and customized in collaboration with you to represent your practice visually/aesthetically
  • 1 HOUR EACH MONTH DEVOTED TO YOUR SITE'S CARE AND DEVELOPMENT—Set your own Priority List with to-do's like content edits/updates, new pages or posts, light copy editing/proofing, consultation phone calls or coffee meetings, and even adding new functionalities to support your marketing efforts (think Mailchimp integration, email-list subscribe forms, appointment scheduling software, or building you a blog)
  • MANAGED FLYWHEEL WORDPRESS WEBSITE HOSTING with SSL certificate, server-side caching, and CDN for fast page loading
  • ALL THE TECHNICAL STUFF - DONE FOR YOU. Daily offsite backups, security and performance monitoring, technical troubleshooting and fixes, free malware removal, WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates, recovery of website files from backups in case of loss
  • ONE-TIME SET-UP FEE of $100
I am interested in a long-term relationship and in the life cycle of your website and your practice.​

What if you could get up and running with a beautiful, professionally designed, turnkey website that looks and feels like YOU for a nominal $100 set-up fee?

What if it were totally affordable to hire your own web support professional the way you might hire a bookkeeper—a trusted collaborator you could call, email or meet for coffee to consult with on website updates, technical issues and marketing integrations?

What if she CARED about your business? (Record needle scratch)

What if you could hand it all over and rest easy, knowing your website was always growing, improving, and integrating with your marketing efforts?

What if all web-related costs could be consolidated into ONE insanely reasonable monthly fee covering it ALL: web hosting, web design, site maintenance, content updates, and freedom from the headachey stuff?

What if, for the cost of a couple of Door Dash deliveries each month, you could have your very own Web Therapist working through your custom-ordered website To-Do List?


I can't wait
to talk with you!

During your free consultation call we'll cover:

  • your current website situation, what you're looking to accomplish, and what's important to you
  • features & functions that are available to serve your goals
  • questions or concerns you may have about moving forward
  • packages & pricing options
  • your timeline and next steps