How we'll work

The Steps in our Process


Reach Out

Step one is to call or email to tell me a bit about your project and see how we match up. We can then set up a free in-person consultation to explore things further.



In advance of our consultation, you’ll be asked to fill out this discovery questionnaire. The responses you provide will inform me of your project’s scope and start our wheels turning.



Next we’ll get acquainted and discuss your mission and goals, your target audience, your brand identity, and  required features. We’ll draft a sitemap and start forming a vision for your site.



Following our meeting, you’ll receive a job proposal and contract outlining the details and cost of your project. With your approval and 50% deposit, we’ll get underway.  


Pre-Build Prep

Now it’s time to gather up (or create) all the content for your site—copy, images, etc.—and send it to me. Our pre-build checklist will help you to organize.


Design & Build

With all of your content in hand, I can begin to design and build your site! Early on you’ll be able to review a “wireframe” and fully designed sample page before we move ahead.


Test & Launch

We’ll test your completed site across multiple devices and browsers, and a private link will allow you to fully review and “test drive” it yourself. After final tweaks are taken care of, we go live!



An hour of “basic training” is included: We’ll familiarize you with the “back end” of your site and teach you to make basic edits and content updates.

Your Designer

A little bit about me

In case you’re wondering!

  • I grew up in Michigan, lived in New York in my twenties, and have called Sacramento home since 1996. I have two amazing daughters who are the light of my life.
  • My professional background includes a "first career" in magazine editing and public relations, along with a master's degree in communication arts/journalism. I built my first website in 2011 for a nonprofit organization, and, though it was pretty basic from a design standpoint, members were thrilled with the way it transformed their visibility and reach throughout their community, sparking connections and boosting membership. And that sparked some joy for me!
  • I love supporting people who are doing positive and exciting things in Sacramento—and beyond: I love the collaboration, and I love the excitement of equipping people with a powerful new business tool.
Sue Lerdahl of Lerdahl Web Design
Sue Lerdahl

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different companies, or “registrars,” that sell and manage domains. Most charge around $13/year for the initial year of domain-name registration, and then around $15/year for annual renewals. To find out if the name you’d like to use is available, visit or any of the many domain registrars such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc.

I like Hover. They offer straightforward pricing, good customer service, and free privacy protection, which costs $15 annually with some registrars. Privacy protection is important because domain details are public record, and unprotected data is susceptible to being mined by spammers and scammers.

Short answer: I work exclusively with one company, Flywheel Hosting, to offer you premium hosting with super-fast servers at discounted rates. I take care of setting that all up for you.

Flywheel’s hosting infrastructure is custom-built for the WordPress platform, and their awesome set of workflow tools enables me to work efficiently and pass the savings on to you. There are so many different hosting platforms out there with wide variations in how they work; to me it makes the most sense to spend our time (and your money) knowing one hosting company really well versus attempting to decode and learn all the different cpanel interfaces and hosting back-ends. This streamlined process enables me to efficiently and cost-effectively set up and manage hosting for your site while saving you the hassle!

Websites are definitely not set-it-and-forget-it entities. Neglected sites begin to run slow over time and become vulnerable to hackers. That said, yes, it is entirely doable to manage your site’s security, speed, content updates and overall health on your own, and it can be quite enjoyable and rewarding, depending on who you are and how much time you can commit to educating yourself and caring for you website. For my clients who want to take it on themselves, I’ve curated a library of online video tutorials and other resources.

Of course, if this sounds to you like a headache in the making, hiring someone else to take it all off your hands might be a better route. Check out my Hosting + Maintenance Plans, or contact me if you would like to discuss your site’s maintenance.

Clients choose between recurring monthly or annual invoicing, and submit payment via automatic processing.

$60/hour. This may include content updates, design work, or technical trouble-shooting.

Yes. I employ mobile-friendly, responsive design practices, which means your pages will render adaptively to screen size and will look great on smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic on the internet, so this is more important than ever.

Secure Sockets Layer or “SSL” Certificates are small data files that bind a key to an organization’s details. In other words, they keep your site’s information safe and secure by encrypting information. When installed, SSL activates that little green padlock in the browser bar to let you know that a site’s connections are secure. SSL is required for sites that handle credit card transactions (like online stores), but it’s also considered a best-practice security measure for any site nowadays.

All my sites are set up with a strong foundation of web design best practices and conformance to standards used by Google in its ranking algorithms, for example optimized page speed,  security, onpage SEO (content, title tags, internal links, etc.), and mobile responsiveness. They also come equipped with the Yoast SEO plugin installed. That said, I am not an SEO specialist. Should you require more advanced/intricate levels of optimization, I would be happy to recommend a local SEO consultant.

I can't wait
to talk with you!

During your free consultation call we'll cover:

  • your current website situation, what you're looking to accomplish, and what's important to you
  • features & functions that are available to serve your goals
  • questions or concerns you may have about moving forward
  • packages & pricing options
  • your timeline and next steps